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SōRSE Biosciences utilizes water-based emulsion technology to create cannabinoid-derived formulations, with the aim of advancing science and medical research.

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Our Technology

At SōRSE Biosciences, our unique emulsification process encapsulates cannabinoid distillates, allowing them to be incorporated into water-based platforms. Our technology converts plant-derived and synthetic oil into SōRSE, our proprietary water-soluble emulsion, providing consistency and even distribution.

For Researchers

SōRSE Biosciences is committed to partnering with researchers on advancing innovative approaches for the treatment of cancer, other diseases, and physical ailments using cannabis-based therapeutics. We are passionate about translating science into ground-breaking medical discoveries and creating formulations that can improve the quality of life for patients.

For Providers

SōRSE Biosciences is dedicated to educating medical providers on the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids, as well as safe and reliable application methods. As consumer demand for cannabis solutions for medicinal purposes increases, patients are seeking guidance from their doctors and healthcare providers. At SōRSE Biosciences, we strive to provide medical professionals with thorough, accurate information to ensure that patient concerns around safety, consistency, and dosing are met.


  • Hank Pelto, M.D.

    Hank Pelto, M.D., is a physician at the University of Washington’s Sports Medicine Center. SōRSE Biosciences is collaborating with Dr. Pelto on a number of studies including CBD for the management of primary osteoarthritis of the knee, as well as the execution of Pharmacokinetic studies. The partnership also entails developing a relief topical infused with CBD for athletes.

  • Pascal Biosciences

    Pascal Biosciences is a biotechnology company targeting innovative therapies for serious diseases. SōRSE Biosciences has partnered with Pascal in a Collaborative Research Agreement to advance Pascal’s PAS-393 into clinical testing. Pascal and SōRSE will share their respective technologies to test the cannabinoid PAS-393 in human volunteers, enabling testing of cancer patients treated with checkpoint inhibitors.

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SōRSE Biosciences is a division of SōRSE Technology that is dedicated to the research of cannabinoids and their medical applications. Medical professionals and researchers collaborate with SōRSE Biosciences to use their water-soluble emulsion technology when applied to cannabinoids and other functional ingredients. Its patent-pending technology converts oil into SōRSE, a proprietary water-soluble emulsion, for infusing cannabinoids into health and wellness products intended to provide relief and recovery. SōRSE Biosciences is currently partnered with Pascal Biosciences for cancer research and clinical trials, as well as with Dr. Hank Pelto, a physician at the University of Washington’s Sports Medicine Center, the development of products for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.